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How Are Fiberglass Pools Made?

Fiberglass pools are made using a process called "hand lay-up". Here are the general steps involved in the process:

  1. Mold Creation: The first step in making a fiberglass pool is to create a mold of the desired pool shape and size. This is typically made out of fiberglass and reinforced with wood or metal.

  2. Gel Coating: Once the mold is complete, a layer of gel coat is applied to the surface. The gel coat provides a smooth and durable surface that is resistant to fading, scratching, and staining.

  3. Resin Application: After the gel coat has cured, several layers of fiberglass are applied to the mold using a mixture of resin and chopped fiberglass. This creates a strong and durable shell for the pool.

  4. Curing: The fiberglass and resin mixture is left to cure for several days to ensure that it hardens properly.

  5. Finishing: Once the pool shell is complete, it is removed from the mold and trimmed to size. Any necessary finishing touches such as skimmer boxes, steps, and ledges are added.

  6. Quality Control: The final step is a thorough quality control inspection to ensure that the pool meets all necessary standards and specifications.

It's worth noting that different manufacturers may have variations in their manufacturing processes and may use different materials, techniques, or technologies to produce their fiberglass pools. Nonetheless, hand lay-up is the most common method used to manufacture fiberglass pools.

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